Conference Theme

UN Body: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Agenda: The Impact of Climate Change on Sustainable Development
Meeting 1: Appropriate Infrastructure Innovation and Industry for Sustainable Development (SDG 9)
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Committee A: Increase access and use of communication technologies for sustainable development
Committee B: Develop sustainable and resilient infrastructure
Committee C: Strengthen small scale enterprises in developing countries
Committee D: Facilitate financial support to least developed countries and small island states

Meeting 2: Responsible Production and Consumption for a Sustainable Economy (SDG 12)
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Committee A: Reasonable production and consumption of clean energy
Committee B: Reduction of food waste
Committee C: Reduction of industrial waste
Committee D: Development and promotion of sustainable tourism

Meeting 3: Relief and Support for Communities During Climate Disasters (SDG 13)
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Committee A: Strengthening resilience to climate related natural disasters
Committee B: Integrating climate change measures into policies and planning
Committee C: Building knowledge and capacity to address climate change
Committee D: Managing climate action programmes for least developed countries and small island states