Meeting Room Agendas and Committees

UN Body: Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

Agenda: Women’s Empowerment and the Links to Sustainable Development

Meeting 1: Ending Violence Against Women and Girls  


  1. Expanding Access to Services
  2. Safety in Public Spaces
  3. Raising Awareness and Improving the Collection of Data
  4. Advocacy to End Violence Against Women and Girls
  5. Education for Prevention

Meeting 2: Economic Empowerment    


  1. Economic Empowerment for Rural Women
  2. Economic Empowerment for Domestic Workers & Migrant Domestic Workers
  3. Economic Empowerment for Low-skilled Women
  4. Increasing Pay Equality
  5. Increasing Management Positions

Meeting 3: Peace and Security    


  1. Participation in Peace Negotiations & Peace Building
  2. Protection from Human Rights Violations
  3. Access to Justice
  4. Conflict Prevention & Resolution
  5. Female Peacekeepers