Conference Mentor: Former UNESCO Director-General, Ambassador Koichiro Matsuura


It is our honour to welcome former UNESCO Director-General, Ambassador Koichiro Matsuura, as Conference Mentor. It is a credit to Dr. Matsuura that Japan has the strongest network of UNESCO schools and universities in the world.

Distinguished Expert: Dr. Mbuli Charles Boliko


Dr. Boliko has served as the Director of the Food and Agricultural Organization  (FAO) of the United Nations Laison Office in Japan since 2013, after working for the FAO since 1998.

He received his undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Psychology and Industrial Psychology from the University of Kisangani in his homeland, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He obtained a Master’s Degree and a Ph.D in International Development from Nagoya University, Japan. He also holds a Diploma in Strategic Management of Human Capital from the University of Geneva. He has taught at Graduate Schools in Kinshasa and Nagoya. Dr. Boliko has also been a public oficial in the DRC at high administrative advisory levels. He is an informative, persuasive, and insightful lecturer. His concern for students is truly genuine.