Research Resources

1. Basic Country Information

Research Document: Country Background Research Template

The following links are good to get basic information about each member state. These are where you should start your research, as you can start to understand the condition of your country. However, you definitely will need to do additional research to discover your country’s positions and policies regarding the conference agenda.

2. UN Structure and Operations

Before the conference, it is important to understand the structure of the United Nations and how it operates, as well as the specialized agencies or programmes that are being discussed for the conference. Especially important is understanding the agency or body that is being simulated at JUEMUN. Use these links to familiarize your self with the different bodies and agencies of the UN.

3. Agenda and Committee Topic Research

Research Document: UN Body, Meeting, & Committee Research Template

These links will help you research the topics that have been selected for each meeting and committee. Please gain a general understanding of the global nature of the issues being discussed before you research the topic within your own country.

4. Country Policy Position

Research Document: Policy Making Research Template

Use these links to research about the member state’s position towards related policies. These links will give you the UN voting records and position papers that are relevant to the agenda of the upcoming conference.