The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the 15-year United Nations Agenda “for people, for planet” was put into action January 1, 2016. The theme of JUEMUN 2016 held at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies was “Quality of Life for All” a practical expression of the SDGs motto, “Leave No One Behind.” The JUEMUN 2016 Conference Mentor was Dasho Sherub Gyltesen, the former Chair of the Bhutan National Commission on Language and Culture. The delegates negotiated resolutions with inspiring ideas to implement 4 of the 17 SDGs: SDG 3 on Health, SDG 4 on Education, SDG 11 on Sustainable Cities, and SDG 16 on Justice.

JUEMUN 2017, hosted by Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, continued the SDG theme with a focus on Gender Equity, SDG 5. For the first time in Japan, JUEMUN held an MUN, which modelled the Commission on the Status of Women. The resolutions were sent to our Model CSW Conference Mentor, Professor Betty Reardon, a relentless force in advocating the rights of women everywhere to have a voice in all aspects of local and global communities.

JUEMUN 2018 at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies will study the issues related to SDG 2 and explore ways to realize the SDG 2 vision of “Zero Hunger.” This with be the sixth of the 17 SDGs that JUEMUN has tacked in its discussions. SDG 1, the eradication of poverty everywhere in all its forms will naturally be included in JUEMUN 2018 because poverty is the underlying cause of much of the world’s malnutrition and hunger.

Both JUEMUN host universities are members of the United Nations Academic Impact association and a central part of our current mission is to draw attention to the United Nations SDG Agenda, In the coming years, JUEMUN will focus attention on one or more of the other SDGs but the choices of themes will reflect the course of future world events.